Our Partners

Here, you’ll find some of our selected Partners and Friends that contribute to the quality and growth of our work.


AImageLab is the research lab of the Department of ENGINEERING “ENZO FERRARI”, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. AImageLab is the main technological partner for the Farm4Trade’s R&D projects.

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The Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Abruzzo and Molise supports the Farm4Trade research activities to innovate and overcome the current limits of animal identification and traceability systems.

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Supports Farm4Trade in international cooperation projects. In particular, AICS is the main sponsor of our first community resource centre in Namibia: the Farm4Trade Café.

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University of Teramo

The university is collaborating with Farm4Trade on carrying out activities related to research, development, training and technological innovation applied to different fields of common interest.

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(Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the University of Namibia):is the main partner within the framework of a project for the distribution of products with high technological value and training tools for breeders.

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Université Agricole de Management des Métiers de la Production (UAMMP) was established and registered in Cameroon, in 2013. UAMMP is using technical solutions provided by Farm4Trade to develop teaching in higher education, research activities, and market innovative product and services. Farm4Trade is also a UAMMP partner for professional training.

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It’s an in-house company of Abruzzo Region. It represents an instrument for implementing investment programs and enhancing entrepreneurial resources. F.I.R.A is a Farm4Trade investor partner and has supported the startup and its innovative activities through risk capital contribution.

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Animalia is Norway’s leading research and development specialist in meat and egg production. Animalia is collaborating with Farm4Trade in R&D activities.

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GIZ is a provider of international cooperation services for sustainable development and international education work. GIZ is collaborating with Farm4Trade in developing a new application for smart feed formulation.

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