Feed Formula App

Auto formulate Livestock nutrition on a budget

The Feed Formula App is an advanced software focused on animal nutrition and health. It helps you formulate rations for your animals with the best balance in feed formulas and feed cost, in a few easy steps and monitoring every stage of the process and its outcomes.

What is Feed Formula App?

Our Feed Formula App helps livestock farmers formulate animal nutrition rations in a few clicks while balancing nutrition and cost.

The Feed Formula Application uses nutritional standards adopted by stakeholders, animal nutritionists and feed technology practitioners. It formulates affordable and nutritionally balanced rations, lowering the risks posed on the animals when they bush-feed.

Feed Formula App Features

The Feed Formula app is user-friendly and allows livestock farmers and bush-feed producers to formulate rations with nutritional values adapted for the animal species, their status and their production purpose.

Verified library of common livestock Ingredients

The app is pre-populated with verified libraries of ingredients, nutritional requirements and rations based on different species status and production purposes.

5 Step Ration Creation wizard for the best balance of Nutrition and Cost

Enter the animal’s parameters, the desired ingredients, your budget, and let the app generate 3 rations options: Best value, Most nutrient, Lowest price. Compare and save your generated rations for later reference.

Built-in expertise from animal nutritionists

Certified animal nutritionists compiled nutritional requirements, rations and ingredients used by the ration generator algorithm. Elements are easy to use and available to all users. 

Industry exclusive Verified Milled Bush Feed library

The first Milled Bush library dedicated to Namibia’s encroacher bushes, and their by-products,  specifically created for using them as a nutritional resource in periods of drought.

How it works

Formulate your ration in 5 simple steps:

A special collaboration

This collaboration was born from a GIZ – Bush Control and Biomass Utilisation (BCBU) tender entitled “Development of a Feed Formulation Application”, as an initiative to support the reversal of Bush Encroachment in Namibia and to mitigate feeding dilemmas during drought  and the participation of University of Namibia (UNAM) and the Namibia Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF).

Are you impatient to try the Feed Formula App for animal nutrition?