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Business Intelligence App

Bring your farm’s data to life and improve productivity.

An integrated system for data analysis which gathers information form multiple data points from all the Suite’s apps.

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What is Business Intelligence App?

Business Intelligence App is an integrated system for data analysis that gathers information from all of the Farm4Trade Suite apps you are using for your daily activities. With Business Intelligence, you can monitor economic and productive trends, assess costs and improve business performance

Business Intelligence App Features

Business Intelligence App helps you analyse and visualize livestock data coming from all of the Suite’s Apps. With BI you will be able to scope production trends, assess costs and improve economic performance.With Business Intelligence every farmer can monitor economic and productive trends, assess costs and improve business performance.

Integrate all your data

Monitor all of your most important data at a glance. Access the dashboard and keep an eye on the animals’ statistics, production trends, medical treatments and vaccination costs of your organization.

Improve productivity

The BI App provides you with important information that helps you understand the aspects of your farm that need improvement and where vice versa you are doing great

Automated data analysis

No need to manually update the Business Intelligence app: the data is gathered automatically from the Suite. You can filter the view and see more into detail a specific organization, a species, or a group of animals

Fully customize your reports

Get rid of useless information and too many numbers: customize the dashboard and view only what you need.

How it works

Collect data

Access the BI app already available in your suite from your dashboard. All apps are automatically connected and data will show up automatically. The dashboard is regularly refreshed.

Choose visualization

Set your filters and parameters, then analyze and visualize your data the way you want to. Filter by your  organization, by species, or personalize even more by creating your groups of animals.

Analyze over time

Go to your dashboard every time you want to have an update on the current situation, and analyze trends from the current year.

Are you impatient to try Business Intelligence for Livestock Data?