Farm4Trade Productivity Suite

Manage the lifecycle of your animals, improve the productivity of your farm.

Farm4Trade offers a SUITE of software applications for the zootechnical industry.

Our products are the best and most complete on the market tools to gather and analyze all animal production and health data and formulate animal nutrition on a scientific basis. With the Suite you have one access point to all our apps and you can switch applications with one single click. You just need one password to manage all aspects of your farm

Farm & Livestock Management

The first user-friendly platform that provide a dynamic picture of your business available on any device from anywhere.
You can manage breeding, keep better records, take notes, monitor health, track medical treatments while collaborating with your team to manage important tasks and activities.
AppSuite_Business Intelligence App

Business Performance

No more guessing which animals are being productive and where you are seeing worthwhile returns on your investments.
Monitor the production of your farm, track the quality and quantity of production over time, assess costs and improve business performance.

Animal Nutrition

Formulate rations with nutritional values adapted for the animal species, their status and their production purpose.
Formulate the best feed rations with adequate nutritional values in relation to the animals’ species, their status and their production purpose. By improving animal nutrition each farmer can obtain the best balance in feeds formulas and feed cost, monitoring every step of the process and its outcomes.


News and Articles for the Farmers

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Suite Applications

Farm Management


Livestock management and record keeping platform. Our Farm Management App gives you a dynamic picture of your business and allows you to keep track of all the activities on the farm.

Business Intelligence


An integrated system for the analysis and visualization of data coming from all of the Suite’s Apps. BI helps you scope production trends, assess costs and improve economic performance.



An open online marketplace to buy and sell animals. Farmers can generate a ready to use animal card from the Farm Management App to advertise in the Marketplace.



Amove allows breeders and transporters to meet each other and offer/get transportation solution for animals. Amove integrates both with Farm Management and Business Intelligence and tracks costs, movimentation and animal information.



A highly innovative product that allows univocal identification of each animal through a image recognition algorithm and is automatically link to the Farm Management App. Image acquisition is possible either from cameras and smartphone.

Feed Formulation


The Feed Formula App™ is an advanced software focused on animal health. By improving animal nutrition, each farmer can obtain the best balance in feeds formulas and feed cost, monitoring every step of the process and its outcomes.



Get professional support and tutoring by our team of experts in animal production that will help you through the onboarding to our products and will give you the best tips on business management. All lessons are available inside our long distance learning platform.